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Fat Floyd’s was born when a small town church had a big vision to increase its Evangelism and Missions efforts. During a time of prayer, the leaders had an aha moment concerning how to raise funds for the church and the missionaries it had committed to support. The pastor had regularly sold BBQ Pizza’s some years ago to raise financial support and believed that he received divine instruction to take some space in the church and convert it into a restaurant to sell pizzas.


After several meetings and tasting parties, the menu grew and the vision for  “Fat Floyd’s Smokehouse” emerged. But with the church in unstable financial times, how would the vision set forth succeed? The members of the church rallied behind the decision of the restaurant and begin praying for help. God answered their prayers, and the money to purchase the equipment and do the remodel came in through the hands of some faithful believers and businessmen! Well, thank you for listening to our story, all that’s left to do now is come on down to Floyd’s and get you some glorious goodness. We’d love to meet you. God Bless!